Should I have to pay for my new veneers to be glued back on again?

Hi,In July, this year i decide to have two new veneers because one of my original kept coming of, i was told the cost would be £600 and because i am sixty that is a lot of money to me but i thought i would have it done to solve the problem it was done on the national health, after 3 weeks one came off, and i had to go and get it fixed which they did`nt charge me because it was only 3 weeks since i had it done,again today the same veneer came of again and i had to go and get it put back on they wanted to charge me £17 pounds but i refused to pay , when you pay all that money you would`nt expect this to keep happening,can you tell me if there is a reason why this is happening, i don`t bite in anything i have done everything they have said, and i am worried now that if i go on holiday this might happen again.
The veneer might not fit too well or the bond between veneer and tooth isn’t good enough. If it happens again ask then to replace the veneer free of charge
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