Should I Have Internal Bleaching, a Crown or Veneers to Treat Discoloration?

Hi Dr Hughes. I had a root canal on my maxillary lateral right incisor about 10 years ago, and it has discoloured really badly. This happened after my second set of braces were removed. Initially bonding masked the grey tone but eventually that’s come off as well. The tooth has also rotated back to its original shape prior to braces. Do you suggest internal bleaching, veneers or crowns? The thought of having a lot of the tooth shaved for a crown scares me a bit, especially in case it breaks.With veneers, would I require one or more to match the surrounding teeth? Thank you.
Hey, thank you for your question. So, the internal bleaching might help with the dark colour, but it may not as it is not always predictable. In which case then a crown or veneer might be required to block out the dark colour properly. These may also be considered if you do not like the shape and position of the tooth.

My advice is to see a really experienced cosmetic dentist for advice, someone who can show you lots of cases where this problem has been treated successfully, by them, as it is a very difficult situation to make perfect. Regards, Mark.

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