Should I have a gum graft or a bone graft?

Q. Dear Patel, I am currently dealing with gum disease, my gum line has dropped/recessed badly and also causing space/hole in between of teeth and bone lost. My periodontist has suggest to have a gum graft for the gum recession. I was wondering if I should instead to have the bone graft or just the gum graft? In addition, does the gum graft will close up the hole in between the teeth? If not, what are my other opinion for that? Many thanks.
A. It really depends on the situation and how strong the teeth are, some people prefer to have gum grafting to try to save their existing teeth others decide a dental implant is a better long term solution.
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May 15th, 2010 at 08:47 PM
ffion Says :

I would like to know about the cost of gum grafts

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