Should I go for 4 implants or invisible braces Plz suggest

Q. Hi, 6 to 7 years ago i had veneers privately done on my front 4 top teeth. i was pleased for the 1st year or 2 but over time they now look awful. i had braces for 4 years (not train tracks) when i was in my early teens as i had a large gap in my teeth and they pointed abit forward and made me look goofy, after time with the braces the 2 front teeth eventually crossed over so went from one extreme to another, i then had braces to stop the crossing and push them back, they soon became straight. after not having the braces on for about 2years i decided i wanted dental veneers as one of the front ones was badly discouloured and i thought they were to long! so i went ahead and had venneers as i said above i was happy at first but now the 2 front teeth have crossed again but even worst they point forward making my lip pertrude slightly!! i never imagined this would happen with vaneers but it has done! also i feel they have slightly come away from my gums with the movement and on close inspection you8 can see a gap and the very top of the veneers have a ruff edge and are black! i smoke around 8 day i realise this hasnt help, but they are now crooked, discoloured and come away from my gums, i really dont know what to do!! do you think 4 implants would be a good idea, i know it would vbe pricey and it very cliche of me to say but all i ever wanted was a perfect hollywood smile, i heard about the invisable braces but im not sure this would be right as i would still have to keep the veneers! please help!!! thanks so much in advance.


It is a very difficult for me to advise you without seeing your mouth. However, I can tell you that implants are not the way forward. Please book in with a cosmetic dentist for an acurate opinion. It may be orthodntics you need, or a simple case of changing the veneers.

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