Should I Get My Eroded Teeth Crowned?

i am 38 years old. i have overbite problem, what is worse is that now my lower teeth have started eroding due to the problem. There is also acute sensitivity to temperature fluctuations which is very uncomfortable. Another major issue is that often when i am chewing my food there is quite severe pain which again is horrible. Doctors have advised me to go for crowning. Please tell me whether you think that this is the correct course of action. Presenlty i am in kashmir. Where I can go for it safely in kashmi? How much will it cost to crown with good material in kashmir? Does it require a specialist? Sorry for all the questions but I really need to get this sorted out. Thank you.
Hi, thanks for your questions. Your options would be to consider orthodontics from a reputable source to correct the overbite. Then have your back teeth built up in height to take the pressure from your bite away from the front teeth giving them a light contact enough to bite into food and tear but not to compress and chew. The front teeth can then be built up with bonding or veneers or crowns. I unfortunately cannot suggest a specific person/practice in Kashmir but you should do some research into the matter.
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