Should I Get My Crown Replaced Before it Breaks?

My bridge on the upper right side is 20 years old. My dentist says it could break at any time. One of the teeth it is attached to has had root canal treatment and my dentist has filled it for now. Should I go ahead and replace it before it breaks? I am 72 years old and have several jaw teeth missing and several fillings in the remaining teeth. I have 3 teeth on the bridge and 4 single crowns. My two upper front teeth have large fillings and will eventually need crowns. I am a diabetic and have had lung cancer with a lobectomy last year to remove a tumor. Thank you.
Hi, thank you for your question. It’s difficult to say but as a rule when a bridge fails it usually takes another tooth down with it so I would take the advice of your dentist and get it sorted out before this happens. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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