Should I get Damon or Invisalign Lite braces?

I damaged my front teeth in a cycling accident in Dec 2011. UR1 was fractured, breaking off about 2/3 of the crown, This has a temporary composite build up with a plan to crown it. UR1 was left retroclined and my endodontist recommended having it straightened. UL1 needed RCT by endodontist as I had a nasty abcess about a week after the accident.

I’d like advice on othodontic devices. My GP dentist referred me to a hospital orthodontist who suggested either add a veneer to the retroclined tooth, a 6 tooth train track for 4 months or a short course of Invisalign (or similar). He also commented that I had mild crowding on the lower incisors. I have always had a big gap between my upper central incisors and he suggested that this could be addressed at the same time as delaing with the retroclined tooth.

I was then referred to a local private orthodontist who recommended Invisalign Lite as being the safest option for the most gentle movement and I was due to start treatment this month. However, her practice went into liquidation about a week after seeing her so had to start all over again with a new practice.

The second practice, where two orthodontists wanted to see me to consider the best options have a different view. One suggestion was to leave the upper teeth for 5 years to monitor vitality. The say Invisalign provides uncontrollable forces that might be too strong and would not prescribe this. The only brace they are prepared to use is a 6 tooth Damon for about 6 months, and at the same time recommend a 6 tooth lingual brace at the bottom as I have 90% overbite as well as crowding.

I’m struggling to find research papers on the forces provided by various systems, or safety post-trauma, but I’d welcome a view on the Invisalign Lite v Damon upper and lingual lower options. The latter is much more expensive even though only the front six teeth are being moved.


Damon braces work well for light forces, saying that we’ve never really had any problems with Invisalign at our clinic. The problem is you can’t tell what will happen with traumatised teeth without starting treatment.
I guess you could get a different opinion from lots of orthodontists so go with the guys you have the most faith in.
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