Should I Get A Gold Bridge And Gold Fillings?

I recently lost 2 teeth ul5 and ul7 . I’ve been told a need a bridge . Is gold the best option? Also have a lot of silver fillings which are over 15 years old and caused these 2 teeth to crack. I went to 4 different dentists that said they were fine. Should they been replaced with gold do you think? Recently I changed to a private dentist and I would also like to know, how do white composite fillings compare to gold ones and are they an option?Many thanks. Hope to hear back from you soon.
Hello! There are many options, including bridges , to replace missing teeth. Have you discussed or considered dental implants? Gold may be a very good options for you but there are lots of high strength ceramic options these days too, which may be suitable.

Your fillings may need replaced but we would need to assess you in person to give you an opinion and advice about that. Gold again is often a great restorative dental option but there are ceramic options which may even be more conservative of your tooth structure, Composite can work too in certain situations and there are both ‘direct’ and ‘indirect’ composite options. Again your individual teeth and whole mouth should be considered before coming up with some solutions for you.

Please go and see a cosmetic dentist or expert in restorative dentistry for options and advice.

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