Should I choose a traditional or maryland bridge to replace four lower teeth?

Hello, I am currently choosing between a traditional or maryland bridge, and wondered if you could offer an expert opinion on the decision. The cost is about the same, and it is needed to bridge the gap between my lower incisors, so is needed to replace four removed teeth. I have been advised that the main risks are nerve problems for the crowns that have to be done for the conventional bridge, and the risk of dislodging for the maryland bridge, but that they maryland may be the better solution when fewer missing teeth are involved. Would you be able to offer any advice please?
Hi, I would advise that if the bite is favourable, then the maryland is the treatment of choice every time. However if you are trying to replace all the lower incisors, I do prefer the fixed -fixed conventional bridge, but be aware of the potential complications such as need for root canal.

all in all decision depends on how conservative you wish to be.

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