Possible Treatment For A Tooth That Is Stuck In My Gum?

I am 28 & have a retained upper left canine tooth. X-rays show that the adult tooth is lying horizontal in my gums, but I’m sure whether it is ankylosed or not. The baby tooth is relatively healthy but I want to know what the best option is for treatment. Various dentists have brushed off my questions of long-term bite issues and I worry that the braces & chain option may be coming to an end if I don’t act soon. Also I wonder if I would have a gap for the duration of the treatment, as I doubt I could live with that as an adult. Thanks
Pulling the tooth into position is tricky even when treatment is carried out on a growing child. It would be worth seeking an opinion from an orthodontic specialist to see what they think. If it is possible then this would be the first choice option, you may be ab;e to have a false tooth on the orthodontic wire to help the appearance during the treatment.
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