One of my teeth is a crown, I bleached my teeth now it really stands out, what can I do?

Hi! One of my front teeth is a crown which is 12 years old. I have noticed recently that it’s beginning to look slightly different to the natural tooth. I mentioned this to my dentist and he said that it’s my own teeth that have darkened over time with age (I am 53). He suggested whitening my front 6 teeth with the bleaching gel. I used as he instructed bleaching 5 of the teeth leaving out bleaching of the crown. However after 6 days I noticed that my 5 natural teeth had whitened really well but unfortunatedly have now made the crown look yellower than it was before. I have paid £99 for this treatment and think that the only way to get the crown to match my natural tooth is to get the crown replaced. Also do you think I Will loose my £99 seeing that it has been unsucessful?
It sounds like the whitening was too successful! Give it a few days as the teeth colour usually relapses a bit after the whitening so they may look better after a week or so> The only way to enaure they match exactly is to replace the old crown for one that matches your natural tooth colour exactly. When this is done the natural teeth will darken again and so every now and again you’ll need to top up the bleaching to keep the real teeth the same colour as your new crown.
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