One Of My Lateral Incisors Is Not Quite In Line. Will I Need Clear Aligners To Straighten This?

I have recently had a treatment with the Inman Aligner. At the moment I am wearing my removable retainer – I was told I should wear it for 3 months and then will be fitted a permanent one.
One of my lateral incisors is not quite in line and I wanted my teeth perfectly straight. I spoke to my dentist about this and he said he can reshape my tooth so it will appear straight. But after I have been wearing my retainer for 2 weeks my other lateral incisor moved about 1 mm and is slightly behind my central incisor. How disappointing. I am starting to regret ever having the treatment.
My dentist said if this is a problem for me he can refer me to another orthodontist so I can get fixed braces. But I assume, this means I would be paying for the treatment all over again? Can you please help me and advise what are my options if the problem won`t be rectified by my dentist? I heard people getting clear aligner to tweak their teeth but my dentist isn`t suggesting this to me. Obviously I am not willing to pay for fixed braces, once I have paid for the Inman Aligner already.
Hello. It would probably be worth paying for some clear aligners to get the teeth into the final position, its not expensive compared to a new fixed brace. It’s difficult to say without seeing you in person however. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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