Need to get back my smile from a history of dental problems.

Q. Hi, i am 28 an have had problems with my teeth for years i have advanced gum disease and have recently had 2 taken out at the front on each side so when i smile it doesnt look very nice also the majority of my bottom teeth are wobbly, they are discoloured some crooked and i hate them. My family has a history of dental problems my grandfather,2 aunts an uncle all had their teeth removed before the age of thirty. I would like to have mine removed but dont know how to go about it or what to even ask for. Money is an issue i am a single parent but am so unhappy with my teeth an always embarrased when i laugh or smile and it is affecting my life. I have however considered long term payment plans which would suit if i you can do that with cosmetic dentistry?. My aunt says she has plates but they dont cover the whole roof of her mouth an fit into her gums and look really natural can you tell me what this is and cost etc. I am considering travelling abroad to get something done as my dentist is very unhelpful, i am looking for some help and guidance please….please help me.

A. A free  initial consultation is available at StJohns Dental in Birmingham as well as some other cosmetic practices. I recommend getting some rough prices and price plans from a couple of cosmetic dental practices before deciding on your next move.Rob

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