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Q. Hi Dr Solanki, I have a narrow tooth to the left of my front teeth and to the left of that tooth I have a fang tooth which I really hate the appearance and feeling of, it is positioned a bit higher than my other teeth and when my mouth is closed if you press along my mouth you can clearly feel a difference there, also when smiling it does not look good. I love to smile but past few years I smile alot less with my mouth open, it does affect me and in general most of my teeth need fixing eg; straightened, some reshaped to look even and whitened. I was wondering what could be done to help with my upper left fang tooth so it looks normal and also for all my teeth to be straight, even and white? I would prefer not to have braces. Hope you can make some sense of what I am asking for here and also any general pricing to give me an idea would be great. Many Thanks.

A. Thanks for your questions, although you would prefer not to have braces, I would encourage you to look into the various types of braces which are available today. There are systems which can work in as little as six weeks, as well as systems which are virtually invisble. If however this is really not for you, you may wish to consider having the teeth veneered. The veneers could be used to alter the size, shape, colour and overall aesthetic appearance of your teeth, to create the smile you desire. I hope this helps.
Many Thanks
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