My Wisdom Tooth Is Very Brittle But I’m Scared Of What Will Happen. What Should I Do?

Hello. I have a wisdom tooth on the left of my jaw. It is quite broken and parts of it are down to the gum-line. It has a hole in the middle where my filing has fallen out and it is very brittle and breaks a lot. I’m currently in a lot of pain with it and need to visit the dentist but I’m very scared of the dentist. What will happen? Will it be painful? Will they have to pull my tooth out and as I’m scared it will hurt will they be able to give me anything? I hope you can help me understand what will happen. Thank you.
Hello. Unfortunately, without seeing you in person it’s extremely difficult to know what will happen without seeing you in person. The best thing to do is to seek out an experienced dentist, used to handing dental phobia patients and offers sedation options. You can use the internet to search the directories for a practice in your area. If you’d like more information on the various cosmetic dental treatments available, you can find it through this website. This knowledge may help to ease your nerves. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Mark.
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