My Wisdom Tooth Hurts Really Bad But I’m Not Sure I Should Take A Painkiller As It May Cause Addiction. What Should I Do?

Hello Dr. Mark,

I am having some problems with my lower right wisdom tooth. It hurts really bad, but I also don’t want it to be extracted as I am working at the moment and I cannot take some days off – I am sure I will have to stay at home at least one week after the operation – so I bought a pain killer: Ibuprofen and Codeine (200mg / 12.8 mg tablets). In the description it says that I cannot take it more than 3 days (2 at a time and three times a day) as it might cause addiction. Should I still use it? I would appreciate your help. Regards.

Hello. You need to consult with a local dentist as soon as possible about your pain. The medication is supposed to be for short term relief until you have the source problem fixed. Some people with addictive personalities have been known to become addicted to painkillers, but used responsibly in moderation you should be fine. Your wisdom tooth may need extracting. Kind regards, Mark.
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