My Veneers Have Altered My Bite. Can They Be Leveled?

Hi Dr Hughes. I recently had veneers on 5 of my front teeth, and am very disappointed and have no faith in the dentist who did them. Two of my teeth already had old veneers on them and the dentist had a great deal of trouble getting these off. I think he may have shaved off too much tooth. I queried the colour (A1) which is far too white. One of the incisors is longer than the other so my bite is now wrong. The incisors also jut out more than before and feel very uncomfortable.
Can the incisors be leveled? I went as a private patient and paid £2.500. Can you offer any advice on how to correct this?
Hi, thanks for your question. When veneers are done very well by a very skilled cosmetic dentist, you would have a very accurate prototype of your veneers made first and this would be perfected once your temporary veneers are made. Once you are happy with these, they can be copied almost exactly by the laboratory technician. The lab tech also needs to be very skilled and experienced, what we call a master technician, to get the best results.

You should also have been given a preview to approve when your veneers came back before the dentist bonded them. Did this happen?

For exceptional results expect to pay in the regon of £4000-6000 for 5 porcelain veneers.

Regards,  Mark.

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