My upper bridge is causing me to have bad breath, why is this?

hi doctor moore. i have upper bridge which is causing me problems.
despite brushing and flossing daily my wife tells me my breath is really bad, which is extremely embarrassing! i think food particles are getting under the bridge.i cannot afford implants at the moment as i am unemployed. SO could the bridge be sealed in any way to prevent food getting in? i am seriously thinking of getting bridge removed as i am desperate this would leave me with a slight gap in my front teeth but i cannot continue as its very embarrassing and as you can imagine my wife is growing agitated. thank you for your time. 
Hello, thanks for your question. You could have the bridge replaced with a better fitting bridge, this will probably work out cheaper than implants. Either way you should try to get something sorted out soon before decay or infection gets under the bridge, I hope this helps, regards. 
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