My Tooth Was Damaged By A Hard Ball, It’s Still Painful After Treatment, Could It Be That It’s Dying?

Hi Dr ,4 days back my front tooth was hit by a hard ball when kids playing in park. I had little bleeding but too much pain .. I started taking analgesics and even started taking augmentin as there was cut on my gum..I went to dentist she took X-rays .. she was doubtful abt a line she saw on root of tooth … she said it might b artifect.. she just advised to take soft diet and continue antibiotics.. I still have pain and tenderness .. could you plz tell me how long it will take for recovery of of my tooth and do you think it’s dead may discolour .. or I should go to dentist again .. r the nerves ok ..I am a dr as well so too much worried … plz help
There is not a specific timescale, some teeth become very painful and require immediate treatment others can lay dormant for many years. I would advise a soft diet gentle toothbrushing around that region. If you are still in pain go back to your dentist as soon as possible. If the tooth is fractured it may not be able to be save by root canal treatment. If the tooth is darkening or a swelling appears above the tooth again go to your dentist quickly. If the tooth is loose it can be splinted to help it heal.
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