My Tooth Has Returned To It’s Original Sate After Orthodontic Treatment. What Are My Options?

Hi there,

I had braces many years ago but since then one particular tooth has returned to its original state.

I’m 23 now and am wondering what my options are, I guess I’m similar to other people in that the priority is invisible solutions.

My other question is whether the treatments are lessened, quicker, or different if there is one particular problem area as oppose to a mouthful of issues. For example getting lingual braces upon just the small surrounding area of the tooth in question. Any information would be greatly appreciated,

Kind regards.

Thanks for getting in touch, I’ve seen your picture. Your case seems to be a mild to moderate ‘relapse’ from your original orthodontic correction. Your options would be either fixed or removable.

Fixed – C-fast, Social 6, Incognito sectional, Sectional Damon , 6 month smiles. These are all possible and various advantages and disadvantages (too many to get into on this email)

Removable – Invisalign (or similar system) or Inman aligner would both work also.

Fixed options are almost always more accurate and a bit quicker of course they are either more unsightly (if on the outside and metal) or more uncomfortable (initially only) if lingual.

I would advise you see a specialist orthodontist for a consultation and one that provides all these options or a cosmetic dentist who does and who may also have a specialist on hand in their practice as well. Kind regards, Mark.

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