My Tooth Fell Out Unexpectedly, What Do I Do?

I have teeth that are partially falling out in the back, but I just had a tooth that didn’t know of fall out towards the front, up top today. I have also been noticing tiny dark spots in the creases of my bottom front teeth and its appearing to me that they may be rottening as well. Please tell me what I can do? I noticed this morning that the tooth that it could have been one of the causes of bad breath. Please help me to understand what is going on with my mouth, and if possible, what steps I need to take in order to make things better for my breath, teeth, and dental hygiene. I’m thinking about implants.
Please go and seek help from a dentist as soon as possible – if you have dental decay/disease you need treatment urgently before things get too far and the problems worsen. Please book an examination and consultation today so you can be diagnosed and then helped



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