My Teeth Move Even Though I Wear My Retainer, Help?

Hello Doctor! So, my problem is that I had fixed braces 7 years ago, then my dentist removed them after 1 year and from that time to now I am using a retainer .. but still if I don’t use it for only an hour my teeth move back to there original position .. I am really tired of it now :/ M dentist is suggesting that I go and get a bridge done on my front 6 teeth .. Now firstly can you tell me what that is? As I haven’t got a clue what a bridge is. Also I would like to know what you think that I should do about this? Like your general opinion because I am really frustrated now. Pleeeeeaseee helpppp ,  I have to tell you as well that my retainer breaks off so easily, even though I take so much care of it .. :/ Nightmare
Hi, thanks for your question. I can imagine how annoying it is to have this happening to you. my best advice would be to go to your dentist and ask about the possibility of a fixed retainer, with the use of a removable retainer to go over the top of it at night only

That should fix the problem.

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