My teeth have totally had it – gaps, baby teeth, missing teeth, you name it – but I don’t want false teeth. Other options?

Q. My teeth have totally had it, i never got my i teeth so have a massive gap at the top i also have several baby teeth still as the adult teeth were not there to replace them. i have now also lost 2 at each side on the bottom & my gums have receeded… What is my best option im only 27 & dont want false teeth if possible!! is this my only option?,
A. To treat this problem the options open to you are dentures bridges or implants. Bridges are only possible if the remaining teeth are well supported by bone and the gaps are not too long
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June 14th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
Judy Says :

what if I don’t want false teeth and my dentists keeps suggesting it

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