My teeth have rotten away. What can be done to help me? How many appointments?

Q. I’m really needing some advice, well here it goes, I’m 23 and my teeth are rotten away, ive had a phobia of the dentist since i was little, ive not been in about 5 years and basically all my top teeth at the back are rotted away, there is nothing really left of them and its driving me crazy, basically all my bottom teeth are perfect. my 2 front teeth(at the top) have a gap in the middle from rotten away too, so i have 6 teeth left at the front top and the middle are rotten, what can i do? and what will a dentist do? will i lose all my teeth? any reply or help i will be greatfull. could you let me know what can be done and how many appointments it will take, im going to make myself go but i just need to know what will happen, will i have to look like an idiot for the rest of my life?,
A. I can’t really give you details on what needs doing except you should maybe consider intra venous sedation for the more complex treatment as this might help you over cone your phobia
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