My teeth have been moved by my fixed retainer, but my orthodontist disagrees, what can I do?

I’ve been wearing essix retainers for six months since having my brace removed and no problems. Four days ago I had 2 thin stainless steel bonded retainers fixed to both both and top teeth. Within two days my top teeth had moved dramatically. Trouble is my orthodontist is adamant that they havn’t moved. I can see and feel the difference. What on earth can I do since he’s thrown away my essix retainers? He has since made me new essix retainers to fit over the bonded retainers but that’s not going to get them back to the original position. I feel very fed up as I’ve paid £3800 for this.
Thank you for your enquiry.

I am surprised that the teeth have moved after having bonded retainers placed, however, if you feel they have moved you may just need a new set of aligners to bring it back in line then have another essix retainer made.

You need to speak with your orthodontist again and ask him what your options are to get them back to the original position that you liked. If you were to have some new aligners made, it might not be included in the price but only your orthodontist could advise you on this.

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March 15th, 2012 at 08:47 PM
emily Says :

i have a metal raitner on my teeth from when i had them straighnted last year and i want to know if i can have vaneers on without having the retiener off ?

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