My Teeth Began To Rot When I Fell Pregnant. My Husband Complains That I Never Smile. Can I Get Financial Help To Pay For Treatment?

Hi Dr Patel. I am a 29 year old mum of 4 and when I fell pregnant with my son my teeth just started to rot and some even fell out. I have lost all confidence and avoid social gatherings as I have discoloured teeth along with some missing. My husband complains that I never smile. I would love to surprise him with a new smile but I will be completely straight with you I have £1000 and need a complete smile makeover. Do you know how I can get help with this? Can you make me smile again?
I would be more than grateful.
Thank you for reading. Kind regards.
Hello and thank you for writing in. I’m sorry about your situation. I would need to see your dental condition in person to determine which treatment you need. You should try to find an experienced dentist who offers some kind of payment plan to help spread the cost of treatment. If you require further information on smile makeover treatment you can find it through this website. Best wishes, Dr Riten Patel.
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