My Teeth Are So Sensitive I Can’t Get Them Whitened. Why Does My Dentist Tell Me That My Teeth Are Healthy?

Hi Dr Hughes. I have extremely sensitive teeth which causes severe pain in my face. They are also crooked & discoloured causing me embarrassment & I am really self conscious about them. I can’t whiten them as they are so sensitive. My front teeth are also moving as I am developing a gap in between them that I have never had before. My dentist isn’t very good & offers me no advice just saying there is nothing wrong with them. I have got to the point where I actually want them removing & replacing with natural looking dentures. Is this possible when I have, according to my dentist ‘healthy teeth’?
Hello. My advice would be to seek a second opinion from a highly experienced and respected dentist maybe even a restorative specialist? I cannot offer an opinion about your suggested treatment solution without first examining you and seeing recent X-rays, etc and a second opinion is definitely the way forward for you. Kind regards, Mark.
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