My Teeth Are In Good Condition But My Smile Is Tiny, Can I Alter This?


I’ve been wondering recently if anything can be done about my teeth as it really bothers me and it makes smiling really uncomfortable for me.

Let me see if I can explain: I have fairly straight, good teeth but what is bothering me is that the actual setting of my teeth is tiny. (The “U” that they sit in is extremely narrow and small.) This means it’s impossible for me to open my mouth wide, my dentist once commented on it but didn’t offer a solution. It also means that when I smile it looks stupid- I don’t have a lovely wide, toothy smile.

I just wish there was a solution. Is there??

Thank you so much

Hello, Thank you for your question. It is very difficult for me to answer without a consultation. However, I would think the only course of treatment that may possibly be open to you is orthodontics. I would advise that you visit your detnist and ask him/her what the best course of action they would recommend.

Sorry I cannot be more helpful

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