My Teeth Are In Bad Shape Making It Hard To Eat, What Are My Chances Of Having Functioning Upper Teeth In The Future?

Hi Mark. My teeth are in really bad shape and it has just started to dawn on me just how severe my situation is. All of my back teeth on the top row have broken down to sporadic spikes and now it is spreading to the front and bottom teeth. This means it is becoming more visible and making it increasing hard to eat. I have long since cut out almost all sugar and do not touch sugary drinks but it is still getting worse. I know that going to the dentist is my only option if I am to salvage any of my teeth but would very much appreciate any advice and information you could give me regarding my chances of having any kind functioning upper teeth again and avoiding further decay of my remaining teeth (as cutting almost all sugar and even fructose hasn’t helped). Thanks a lot.
Hi, You need to come and see someone about your problems as soon as possible so my advice is to seek out a good dentist local to you and have a thorough examination and get some treatment planned to help you. Without seeing exactly your situation It’s impossible for me to comment any further on what would be advised. Regards


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