My Teeth Are Broken And I Want Implants, Can I Get These On Finance?

hi i have really bad broken teeth i feel i am far to young for false teeth and would like implants however i have gone through a marriage break up and this took an effect on my credit rating i cant afford to pay for it all straight away but cant get finance is there any other options avaliable to me i would beable to pay around 500 per month i am in a positon to afford the finance just not readily avaliable to me im at breaking point as i simply dont want to go to the nhs i currently work and my teeth are ruining my day to day life by causing issues with confidence and self esteem i hope you can offer me some good advice thank you
Hello. Thank you for your question. It is very difficult for me to anwer this without seeing you. However, I recommend that you see your regular dentist and ask them if it might be possible that they could refer you to a local NHS hospital as they occassionally will take on cases such as yours.

I hope this helps

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