My son’s tooth has grayed, how can this be corrected?

My 17 year old son got his braces off in May and one tooth has turned gray. He wore the braces for 2 years and orthodontist said the tooth may have been traumatized by the braces. We’ve had the tooth tested and it’s not dead, but it’s top 2nd from center and my son has finally admitted that he’s self conscious about it and would like to have it fixed. Our regular dentist has indicated that there is no good way to make the tooth look right. What do you suggest?
I would like to see the tooth before getting specific, however one thought to check is that the tooth is not behaving like a milk tooth and dissolving from inside out and also check that it remains “alive” for some time to come. a thin opaque composite veneer may provide an improvement as a short term measure to be replaced by a cast ceramic veneer in a few years when all is stable
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January 16th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
MichelleASilvia Says :

Same this has happened to my daughter. How do you know if tooth is “dead” The xray at dentist did not show any discoloration above. Tooth has decreased sensitivity but still has some sensitivity. Dentist is sending me to endodontist for root canal. Is this necessary?

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