My Partner’s Tooth Has A Slight Turn In It. Do You Know What Procedure We Need To Consider In Order To Fix This?

Hello Dr Hughes. My partner is wanting new teeth as he isn’t very confident with his own teeth. We are wanting to know some options he could take to improve his teeth and a price it would cost for the procedures? He has all of his teeth except one from the back which he had taken out through pain and his front tooth has a slight turn in it. Do you know anywhere we could get this type of treatment also? Thank you.
Hello. Do you have any idea what treatment you are after? There are so many wonderful options these days. It’s impossible to know what to quote you, even as a ball park, without an idea about what you want or how complex the situation is to fix. I would need to see you in person ideally. It sounds like discreet braces maybe an option for you depending on the condition of the teeth. Reading through this websites various pages will give you an idea of the various treatments available. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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