My Oral Health Has Deteriorated and Caused Gap In My Smile. Would Six Month Smiles Orthodontic Treatment Help?

the reason I e-mailed you today is because I would like to ask you some specific questions regarding the gaps in my teeth.

My teeth were always decent however in recent years (especially the last six years) my oral health deteriorated. The conditions of my teeth were always in my mind but I was too ashamed to visit a dentist (or orthodontic). It has now come to the point where it is affecting my everyday life and I can’t ignore it.

Altogether I have 10 gaps (four upper and six lower), formerly it was seven but the other three developed because I made use of gap teeth elastic bands which have brought no benefits. My largest teeth gap is approximately 0.35 cm large, four of them are 0.2 cm big and the rest are easily fixable.

I had a look through the website and came across ‘6-Month Smiles: orthodontic treatment in six months’ and was wondering if you would recommend me this option. In addition I also wanted to ask you if you were able to give me an estimation of long this procedure may take.

Thank you.

Hello and thank you for getting in touch. This treatment is for minor orthodontic correction and in most cases lasts 6 months. You would need to see an experienced orthodontist to see if this treatment is suitable for your dental condition. Please keep in mind that dentist see a wide variety of dental conditions on a daily basis and the embarrassment you feel is largely misplaced. Try to find a dentist you feel totally comfortable and find out your options. If you would like to find more information on the various dental treatments, this handy website can help. Best wishes, Dr Gambroudes. 
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