My NHS Dentist Has Recommended Gold Crowns, What Are The Alternatives Available To Me?

Hi I’m writing in because I am 52 and have always grinded my teeth a bit so consequently my teeth have worn down and now I have difficulty chewing without it hurting. I have also told that I also need root canal treatment on one tooth. Unfortunately the NHS have only offered me gold teeth fillings as an option but I really do not want to end up with a mouth full of gold, I just don’t think it will look very nice.I think they’ve offered gold because it’s a strong material isn’t it? And it’ll be suitable for what I need as my teeth have become rather week from the grinding over the years.Would implants be an option for this sort of complaint? I think it’s probably just 4 teeth that actually need fixing? Thanks for your time any help will be great. 
Hi there, thank you for your question. If the teeth can be saved then you should try to do this. You may want to look into tooth coloured crowns as I am sure they will cost you less then paying for implants. I would need to assess you to give you the best options. Best regards, 
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