My new dental crown does fit along the gumline, should I be worried?

My lower right 3er molar whit a big metal filling inside, cracked just up to the gum line. The dentist did a porcelain crown on metal. He said he did not want to trim the sides of the tooth too much therefore the porcelain crown border is almost 2mm over the gum line next to the cheek inside, exposing the tooth between the crown border and the gum. Instead the crown border is precisely at the gum line in the other side next to the tongue.
Is not dangerous to leave the tooth exposed between the crown border and the gum line?
Or is it worse to trim more the tooth?.Thank you for any information 
It would only be a problem if the tooth between the gum line and the crown was actually cut back and not covered. As long as this area of tooth is intact and that the crown is well sealed and fits according to guidelines than it will be fine. Hope this helps answer your question 
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