My Mother’s Tooth Has Broken at the Gum Line. Should She Have Treatment?

My mother, who is 95 (and by the way her maiden is Hughes!) had a lower tooth of her six remaining front teeth break off at the gum line.
She is not in any pain and part of the dentin is seen in the center of where the crown was and not much redness or damage.
My question is:  Because she has Alzheimer’s and is 95, would it be better to let the gum tissue grow over the hole left if it can, instead of pulling it and causing perhaps unnecessary trauma or worse to my mom’s health?
Hi, thank you for getting in touch. If the tooth is free of infection and has had a root canal therapy previously it might be better for her to leave the root alone. Take the advice of your dentist and ask those questions. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Mark. 
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