My Mother Has a Hole in Her Gum. What Can We Do to Help Her?

Hello. I am from Nepal and am sending in a question on behalf of my mother. My mother has developed a hole in the end of her gums recently.

It is swollen and she is suffering from a fever.

She is forty years old. Is this problem serious or is it a minor problem? Should we take her to a dental specialist or to a mouth specialist or even a hospital?

We are confused, so please help us. It’s causing her a lot of pain and she is not able to open her mouth.

I would really appreciate your kindness in offering some advice so we know what to do.
We really want to make the right decision for her. Thank you. 

Hi, thank you for your question. Yes, you should take her to a dentist so that she can be examined immediately. From there, the dentist will help you make the right decision on what treatment she needs. I hope this is helpful. Kind regards, Marcus. 
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