My Maryland Bridge Keeps Coming Loose But I’m Reluctant To Go Elsewhere As My Dentist Is Usually Fantastic. What Should I Do?

Dear Dr Hughes. I have had a Maryland bridge (1) wing only fitted recently, I visited the dentist the day after I had it in as the bridge came out, this was then re-bonded. This lasted 2 days before it again came loose, the bridge was again refitted. It’s now loose again. The dentist can’t understand what’s gone wrong? He’s used to another type of adhesive? I need to ring again tomorrow. What should I do? I’m fed up and I have sore teeth, with all the bonding being taken on/off.  He is normally a fantastic dentist? Thank you in advance.
Hello. It could be the technique he is using for bonding or it could be that your bite is causing the bonding to fracture. If he is really struggling to find a solution why don’t you ask him to refer you to someone else or seek out a second opinion from a restorative specialist or very experienced cosmetic/restorative dentist. I hope this helps as it’s obviously an issue which needs sorting out. Best of luck with it, Mark.
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