My Husbands New Bridge Has Fallen Out After 5 Weeks. Surely This Shouldn’t Happen?

Hi Mark. My husband had a Maryland bridge fitted to replace another bridge he had fitted by an army dentist almost thirty years ago, (this one had started to become loose after 26 years) for his 2 upper front teeth, how should this be priced? By the unit the 2 teeth are attached to or per tooth? Also the new bridge has also fallen out after 5 weeks, surely this shouldn’t happen and his dentist is refusing to replace it unless he pays again. Thank you.
The question about price always makes me ask what level of quality, aesthetic result, longevity, and expertise are you choosing. It’s impossible to know if what you’re being offered is a good price or more accurately good value without ascertaining these things. In my own practice we assess each individual case uniquely and thus the fee will be unique to that patient. In general crowns and bridges are charged per ‘unit’ or tooth involved but you also need to factor in the case difficulty, the demands of the patient, the quality of the laboratory work required to get the patients desired result etc. Mark.
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