My Grandson’s Tooth Was Knocked And Is Going Dark, What Can Be Done?

My grandson fell and injured one of his front baby tooth it has gone grey there appears to be no infection he is only three and his teeth were beautiful is there anything that can be put on the tooth to make it white. As it will be a least three or four years before the adult tooth appears. My daughter took him to the dentist and they said the tooth may go black there appears to be no infection on the gum. I hope you can help because I feel really bad just having him with a dark tooth and being able to do nothing about it. Thank you very much.
Hi although it is unsightly and must feel uncomfortable as a parent unfortunately there really is nothing which can be done at this age. If your child is not in pain then it is a purely aesthetic thing. When a tooth gets knocked there is always a risk of it going dark. If it is the front baby tooth then hopefully this will come out when he is 6-8 years old. Then his teeth that come through afterwards should be healthy!
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