My granddaughters teeth have rotted all the way up to her gums, what should I do?

Hi there, I wondered if you could help me? My 5 year old grand daughter has very rotten teeth which have reached gum level they are now rotting in the gum and she is in pain this in turn is causing her to have ear ache. what is the remedy for this? They are still her milk teeth. BUT…Will the adult teeth grow and push these out since they have receded into the gum or will she need an operation to remove them? She has had this problem for the past few days and have been treating her with ponstan for the pain and some olive oil in the ear for the pain there. Thank you in advance for the advice. 
Hi, you need to take a serious look at her diet. Sugar causes tooth decay and this needs to be stopped immediately so as to protect her new teeth whcih should come through. Please take her to see a dentist and seek professional advice as a matter of urgency! I hope this helps. Mark
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