My front top tooth has fallen out, which I think is down to me having Crohn’s disease. I am scared to go to the dentist. Can you advise?

Q. My front top tooth fell out today it was a temporary one i have crohns disease could this be blamed for the state my teeth are in. My other top tooth is turning black i am scared of going dentist but know its imminent now,
A. Dear Enquirer, I know some patients have a real fear of making that trip to the dentist, but as you are realising, in order for you to feel better about the state of your teeth, you are going to have to do just that. I cannot really make an accurate diagnosis without seeing you, but black teeth are uually a sign that the nerve in the tooth has died,so you need to get this treated. We’re not that scary….please find a dentist who is sympathetic to your needs and you will find that you will be able to get over this hurdle.Dentists today are well equipped to deal with dental phobia and nowadays treament techniques are comfortable so there is no need for you to delay the inevitable. All the best, Sunita
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