My front tooth looks longer than the rest of my teeth, will braces fix this?

I´m 52. After a periodontal treatment, my gums receded and one of my front teeth looks “longer” than the rest of my teeth, and it´s crooked, so there´s a gap between this tooth and the next. My guess is that I would need braces to straighten my front teeth, then I´ll have to find a way to align my gums, or maybe a veneer? What would you suggest? I don´t smile in pictures anymore 🙁
What treatment(s) would you recommend?
Hello, thank you for your question. It is very difficult to answer this without seeing you for a consultation. However, It may be possible for you to have braces of some type to close the gap you now have but you would have to speak to your dentist regarding this. Also you said your gums may need to be aligned, two possible solutions to this may be to use laser treatment to even up the gum height, or to use a pink (gum coloured) porcelain to replace your missing gum.

I hope this helps.

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