My Front Tooth Is Misshapen And The Other One Is The Wrong Colour. Could A Dentist Get Them To Match?

Hello Dr Gambroudes, I could do with your guidance. My front two teeth do not match. One is a misshapen crown and the other has a chip in the tooth. Can you make a crown match a veneer beside it, especially in colour? I would choose porcelain for both and a mac veneer for the veneer. I would also want other teeth beside them have mac veneers also with lower teeth and upper teeth not with veneers whitened. Could they all match? I just want my two front teeth to match in colour and shape as well as an overall matching smile. Thank you in advance.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. I would need to see you in person but I don’t see why this cannot be achieved. You will need to book a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist and run though your options. If you would like more information on veneers you can find this through this helpful and handy web guide. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Marcus Gambroudes.
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