My Front Tooth Fell Out Recently After Having Root Canal Treatment To Clear The Decay Out. Can I Get A Cut Price Deal To Sort This?

Hi Marcus. My front tooth has recently come out, and about a year ago I went to the dental university in agony as half of it had broken due to decay inside my tooth, they performed a root canal on that tooth and over the months it got worse. The colour of the tooth was black. It was not attractive to look at at all. I work less than 13 hours a week and I am desperate for dental work but I just cannot afford to pay up to £3000, as I just don’t have that kind of money. I was wondering if dentists did a price plan with patients who are on a low wage/income as I cannot stay looking like this and I need my smile back.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. I would suggest that you familiarise yourself with the various treatments first and then discuss this with an experience dentist to find out which treatment option is best. You may be able to make minor changes which could make all the difference. I would need to see you in person to determine this. Make sure that your oral health is in good a condition before you undergo treatment. You may be able to qualify for a financial plan if you look around, but apart from that you may have to save up. I hope this helps. Dr Marcus Gambroudes.
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