My Front Teeth Have Developed Very Large Gaps In Between Them. Could I Have This Problem Resolved Via The NHS?

Hello Marcus, I would like some advice please.
My 4 top front teeth have developed very large horrible gaps in between them.
They look very horrible and noticeable. They are getting me down and people are staring at them and making horrible remarks about them.
I no longer smile or laugh as my teeth would be on show.
Can I have this problem resolved via the NHS as I am on certain benefits that exempt me from usual dentist treatment.
Many thanks.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. As a private dentist as I am unaware of the latest NHS regulations. However, I think it may be difficult having this treatment through the NHS as it will be considered cosmetic. Contact your NHS dentist and ask them what’s possible. You may then want to talk to a cosmetic dentist and through your options. Find a dentist you feel totally comfortable with. Some clinics also have payment options to spread the cost of treatment. I would need to see you in person to determine the right dental treatments to fix your smile. Best wishes, Marcus.
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