My Front Teeth Have A Gap Between Them And My Incisors Are Missing, What Are My Options?

Hi Dr,

I have a gap between my two front teeth and I’m missing my incisors either side of these teeth. I am really quite concerned as it is knocking my confidence a bit seeing as though it just makes my mouth look really really gappy. What would be the best solution without being to invasive? I’ve read through the different procedures and stuff so I know what they involve and I just think that it would be good to know which one I would need and the cost of this.
My teeth are really strong so I would want them to be removed but It would be nice to smile normally one day.

Thank you.

Hello. It is difficult to answer your question without seeing you. However, you have various options available to you regarding these gaps. You could have a partial denture which would go into the gaps where the incisors are missing. Alternatively you could have bridges to fill the gaps on either side or implants in each of the gaps to restore your smile. I would suggest that you visit your dentist to ask him/her what treatments are available and to get the best treatment course available.

Thank you.

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