My Front Incisors Are Too Long And Crooked. Please Suggest Any Fast And Effective Way To Improve This?

Hi, I am 23 years old and my front incisors are long and not straight. They seem to be coming out day by day which is making my lips look like they are getting fatter. These teeth are also a bit yellow, and stained from childhood.

I have had braces previously to straighten these teeth but now this problem has returned. There isn’t a gap between those teeth, the problem is basically length. Due to this, I don’t feel confident in showing my teeth when I smile.

Please suggest any fast and effective way to improve this.

Hello and thank you for contacting me. I would need to see you in person to understand exactly what is happening or why your teeth are moving. Do you suffer from gum disease or periodontitis? I would suggest that you visit your dentist and get this checked over. Treatment could potentially include a number of options including orthodontics or tooth whitening, but your oral health will need to be in good health before these can be considered. I hope this helps. Best wishes, Marcus Gambroudes.
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