My Filled Tooth Is Aching Still, Do I Need A Root Canal?

I had my back tooth filled over 2 weeks ago and am still in pain, went back to dentist today and he gave me toothpaste, I am still in pain what can I do? He also gave m some more fillings altogether 3. I am on benefits, do you think he is trying to make money out of me and why hasn’t he taken an x ray? – I feel there is something not quite right with this dentist. The pain is circulating around my tooth, The tooth he filled was previously looked at by another dentist who said I should have a root canal, and this dentist said he could save it but I am still in pain.
Hello there, thanks a lot for taking the time to write in with your question. Sometimes it can be the case that it might still need a root canal but i might have been worth trying to fill it without resorting to root canal at first. If this is the case then I wouldn’t say that they are trying to make money out of you. Definitely go back and ask them to examine it again and see if a root canal is needed now.
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