My Father’s New False Teeth Are Wobbly, What Sort Of Price Am I Looking at To Get Them Fixed?

Hi Dr Mark Hughes,

My dad had his front four teeth taken out and fitted with false permanent teeth. However, all four teeth are wobbly now and I think they may soon to fall out. He finds it hard to bite on certain foods in the fear it will all fall out sooner. I think they need to be replaced as a good job was not done on them in the first place. What sort of price am I looking at to have them re-done and can they be re-done?


Hi, It sounds like your Dad was given a removable denture, is that correct?

He may consider dispensing with the denture and having his teeth replaced with a dental implant solution – then the looseness should not be an issue. A bridge solution may also be better?

The other alternative is to have the denture ‘relined’ to tighten it or remade all together.

The costs of the last two options would vary according to the quality of the technical work done but a ballpark for a new denture would be from £500-£1500?

The bridge and implant options are significantly more expensive and you should consult with your dentist.  Kind regards, Mark.

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